(Updated 11-June-2009)

Other ways to get a Parsed Greek New Testament

Due to copyright restrictions, I cannot place the Transliterated Greek New Testament with Parsing on the web. Instead, I will email it to anyone who agrees to the terms of use (see below).

However, there are a number of good resources which are freely available on the web:

Frankly, any of these resources are better than mine. Mine transliterates the Greek characters to English ("th" for theta, etc). (click here for Matthew chapter 1 as an example). While this was pretty cool when I did this in 1997, it's very dated now.

Another reason Tauber's and Fisher's works are superior, is that I have not yet incorporated Tauber's corrections to the parsing (though I hope to do so one day, when I get a around to it).

So do you still want it?

This is almost entirely not my work. The main bulk of the work was done by the Center for Computer Analysis of Texts (CCAT) at the University of Pennsylvania.

Center for Computer Analysis of Texts (CCAT) have set the following user agreement:


In accepting materials distributed by CCAT, the recipient agrees to observe the following "fair use" provisions:

(1) Not to use or make available these materials for commercial purposes without first obtaining the written consent of the owners/encoders;

(2) To observe any special restrictions that may govern the use of particular texts or bodies of material as stipulated in the aforementioned documentation NOTES;

(3) To control access to these materials and require any other party to whom the recipient supplies any portion of this material to observe these conditions and to register a signed USER AGREEMENT form with CCAT; (Note this condition has been modified; email to me is sufficient.)

(4) When making formal public reference to the materials, to acknowledge appropriately the source.

(5) To report promptly to CCAT any significant errors discovered in these materials.

Please note permission is NOT GRANTED to pass this material on to other people. (This is not my idea, it is a stipulation of CCAT. They did the work, so they can put on whatever restrictions they want!).

If you agree to these provisions, simply send me (pb@peterballardz.org) an email saying that you will use the information in accordance with CCAT's end user agreement. Note you must remove the letter "z" from the email address above! Sorry to put you through this, but I must do this to stop spam! (Please also include the word "CCAT" in the subject line so that it gets through my spam filter!) And, tell me the format you want (see below).

I promise that I will not use this list for my own mailings, nor will I pass it on to anyone else; except to CCAT if they request it.

I will then email you the sources in one of 4 formats:

  1. zip format (1126652 bytes). You will need an unzip program to decode it. Two good options are:
  2. Self-extracting executable (1241362 bytes) (Windows only). (Easiest to use, but not recommended, because executables may contain a virus. I'm sure mine contains no virus, but why should you trust me, a stranger? Also, many ISP's don't allow executable attachments for this very reason).
  3. gzip tar format (945619 bytes) (If you've never heard of gzip or tar, this isn't for you).
  4. bzip2 tar format (657969 bytes) (If you've never heard of bzip2 or tar, this isn't for you).

If you do not specify, I will send it in zip format.

Whichever format you receive, when you run or unzip it, it will create the directory "gnt". If you click on the file "index.html" inside that directory, you will have access to the entire "UBS Greek New Testament with Parsing", on your computer.

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